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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some This, Some That, #NerdAlert and Cat.

Today was an awesome day. I woke up at quarter to ten after my mom just walked around the upstairs like a buzzing alarm clock.
"Courtney, Court, CEEBEE, COURTNEY, coooooourtttttneeeey, COOOOOURT!"
After about three "I"M UP"'s I finally got up. I threw on my long grey and black maxi skirt and black lulu tank. I don't know what I would do with out my lulu, its just.... no really I don't know what I would do. My friend D tweeted a little while back
"One does not simply throw out Lulu"
or something to that effect and I remember laughing hysterically because its so true. I still own everything I've ever bought from there, even from when I first discovered it, about 8 years ago. I have some haggard lulu pieces exhausted from being worn to death, but I just simply cannot part. If there is a place, where lulu is not acceptable attire, I think I get uncomfortable. I've had friends literally stop me from walking out the door, because I don't fool them. I did not take leggings and make them bar chic. I'm in leggings, not even like dressy ones with shine or faux leather but lulu ones. They've busted me with a
"nice try, now go change, we're going to a country club (::insert anywhere fancy, ok not even that fancy here::) for dinner not the library!"
HAHAH Ok but enough about my obsession.

I was bouncing off the walls today. I couldn't sit still, and I don't know if its because I finally got an amazing sleep, which in actuality, I didn't or what, but I was just in a long overdue good mood. My body was starting to feel a little bit better having had the weekend off from chemo. The Eagles played tonight (AND OMG WON) and I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for the season to start. (Although it makes me really sad, because there's nothing I love more than working in a sports bar, and chirping customers on their "football knowledge" or lack thereof. Its a wonder I make any money.)

My mum and I headed into radiation and I was so me. I have these days where I'm feeling good, I'm perky, I'm loud, and I'm just the bubbly blonde that people know and expect. Then there are other days where I emulate Anna Wintour's signature scowl behind HUGE sunglasses. (She's the editor and chief of Vogue, basically who the Devil Wears Prada was based off of.)

On the way to radiation I saw a white SUV with Ontario plates. The homesick pangs hit me hard. I should have known from a mile back that they were from Canada, you can just tell. Philly drivers cant drive, like at all, and New Jersey ones either anally assault you by making you fear for your life, or sit, in the passing lane, on their phones with a confused look on their faces. Long story short, it was nice to see some fellow Canadians, even if they did, dare I say it, not realize I was one of their own and think I was a New Jersian.... GASP!
I think it hit home even more so because there was a benefit back home for me this past weekend that I couldn't attend. It was just so cool to see first hand the support of friends and family. Its really frustrating because I feel more confident with words on paper (or screen) than I do anything else but how do u adequately thank people. People donating their time and money and how can you honestly show them how grateful you are. If I could, I would write every individual a thank you note, but its just not realistic, although I would be the one to try. So thank you to all who were involved, A, D, R, K, C, K... etc. etc.

My mom was on a roll with the funnies today. I developed a twitter page for SassyBlonde (You can follow @SassyBlondeCBG) because I find I forget so many things through out the day. I think my most common hashtag will be #ShitMyMomSays. For example,
"Court I'm driving, can you cloud message that for me."
I was like Uh mom, what do you mean by cloud message. I'm thinking something related to Icloud. She's like
"You know the green cloud- to send messages."
I burst out with a
"BAHAHAHAHAHAHA Do you mean text or Imessage."
She's so cute, once again so smart but sooo just ... hahah love you mom. ooooh But I can't let her get off that easy. After radiation we went to get food. Take advantage when I have an appetite. So we went to get pizza slices at Vitos (we're going to try the Paleo diet so we splurged). As we're pulling in she see's a black Acura SUV, A black Honda SUV and a black Hyundai SUV.
"LOOK they're twins!!!"
I was like
"Uh mom, they're all different, the only thing in common is the color."
My dad doesn't get off so easy either though. He's a gem too... haha as much as I make fun of the rentals, we're so alike. I couldn't resist, I actually laugh every time I look at this. Can you say #NerdAlert

Today was a good day, but I got home and finally it started to hit me. Its amazing how fast I feel it, nauseous, tired. I mean in retrospect we're microwaving my insides. I sat on the couch, I watched criminal minds. I read, but I just couldn't have it. As I was walking into the hospital this morning, I got a flash of nausea, and I knew it was just me being classically conditioned to feel like $#!% from the hospital. I didn't want my couch to have that same association, so I ended up falling asleep upstairs. It was needed, I wasn't feeling so hot and I didn't want a repeat of last week. Last week was terrible for me. I started the week off with my lunch box all ready to go- kids went back to school, I went back to radiation.

Mid way through the week I was hating my life. On Wednesday at chemo, as I sat in my chemo chair, I zeroed in on two trash cans mentally calculating which one was closer. I was pale, I was not feeling well and I was ready to just hide.

Days like today remind me I'm going to feel better... eventually. I'm going to get back to my old self. Its going to suck and take time but it will happen! I have friends and family who's support is out of this world. My Eagles are winning. I've got good books, finally a Christian Grey to look forward too, and now a new fondness for Sons of Anarchy because of it. My parentals are hilarious and MY SIS IS BACK FROM A FESTIVAL! Finally butt head, I've missed ya. Most importantly, I've got Dex. As I so proudly proclaimed to my bff back home
"I send selfies, trying to look hot and my cat photo bombs me" #ThatsHowIRoll (selfie not attached)


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