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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


F.O.M.O. = Fear Of Missing Out =Story of my life!

This weekend sucks for me. It's Queen's Homecoming. The first in a few years, because well, Queen's gets a little rowdy. It's also Spanky's (The bar I work at in Peterborough) H.O.T.T.Oberfest! Lets get this straight, anyone who knows me knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE dressing up. Like not just a little bit but I have a whole costume box with everything you could imagine. Think Tupperware, the size of a bath tub. I'm missing both this weekend.

Part of me thought maybe I'd throw my lederhosen on to walk around the house so I wouldn't feel like I was missing out. But realistically that wont make up for the fact I'm not where I want to be, at all.

My Instagram has been flooded with pics of the fun activities this weekend. I don't know whether or not they're making me feel better because I can see whats going on or worse for what I'm missing out on. Queen's too, because there are so many people I havent seen in a few years now, and it would be SO nice to see them, and even better all decked out in tricolor.

On the plus side.
My ReBirthday is Monday. My mother was feeling so guilty for not doing anything with me, to which I kept replying,
"Mom there really isn't that much for us to do."
Going home to visit Peterborough would actually have been the only thing I would have wanted to do, but I wouldn't have been able to attend the things I wanted too, I just wouldn't have had the energy. I think being in the town, where I'm missing out on things is worse than being in a far away place.

But fear not, we devised the best possible ReBirthday celebration. We're going to New York. Only a few hours away, and I can't even wait. We got a hotel thanks to my moms Marriott Points. (I guess thats an advantage to her job and flying all over the country.) We're going to see "Book Of Mormon." Which I've heard amazing things about. I can't even wait. We convinced my sister to come because its written by the writers of South Park and so therefore it's worthy of her humor.

I can't wait because I'm going to wear a pretty dress! (Maybe even prettier shoes- I told my mum, if I am going to get a birthday present, then I want really pretty heels.) We're going to go to dinner and the show and then slumber party in the hotel. Two words- Pillow. Fights! I'm absolutely ordering room service!

I can't explain it, but this is the best possible scenario, like I don't think I could have thought up a better night. My mom rocked on this one. Who knows, maybe we'll find a MAC store and go get our make up done too!

Finally, something to look forward too. This is perfect because as of yesterday and today, I'm starting to feel better. I have to have a nurse come to the house to give me fluids and we think thats helping. It sucks having to get I.V.s every other day, but it beats dehydration.

EEEEK I'm just so excited I can't even handle it!

*Meant to Post this a couple of days ago... however rereading it, and having had last night happen... OOOOH So many funny stories to tell! :D


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