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Monday, January 6, 2014

My Arrows Are Getting Ready To Shoot --->

Bigger and better things. Everything Happens for a Reason! Whatever the cliche phrase, they're cliche because they're true. I think in large part though, they're true because you will them to be so, and you do what it takes to make things happen.

So, how is my 2014 shaping up this year?

Well, in one week I'm returning to the states for a whole dollop of doctors checkups. I'm not nervous at all, and to be honest this is rare for me. Normally yes, I'm petrified. I don't know if its because my plate is filling faster than an unlimited buffet or I just feel healthier than I have in a while, but nerves are no where in sight. I'm tired, yes. I'm still readjusting back into life, yes, but I'm doing so better than I expected.

I've mentioned my juicing, and I'm actually starting to like the taste. I've actually been the one to get my dad up to make them with me.
"Come on Pops, the family that juices together.... ::wink face::"
I'm also taking Immunocal. I'm going to be completely honest, I don't have a clue about it. Its one of those things, where I've had multiple .... no seriously MULTIPLE people recommend, suggest, push me to take it. I caved. Its supposed to support the immune system and lets be honest, that really can't hurt me.

I've also got a lot of exciting things to look forward too. I am shooting a commercial for the Canadian Cancer Society to promote Cancer Awareness and support for their event Pink in the Rink on February 6th. I. Am. Stoked! I had my first meeting today and the team is brilliant. I originally thought it was going to be both my dad and I in the commercial but he got the axe and I've had a little fun rubbing it in his face. The shoot is on Friday and I am just over the moon excited. I'm most definitely going to be pissing my pants nervous the day of, but I'll pull through... with out depends.... I hope. There is a press conference for the event tomorrow announcing my dad and I as spokespeople and because the theme is Daddy's Girls, it's kind of special for my dad and I to do together. I'm super close with both my parents, super close, but I am absolutely your stereotypical daddy's girl. If he doesn't like you- you're $#!% out of luck bud. Everything regarding the event is really preliminary right now but I can't wait to update more, when I know more and can be a proper ambassador. It's nice to feel like my "circumstances" can help others. It makes it feel worthwhile.

Its good that all of this is taking place this week because the bar I work at had a fire inside. Luckily no one got hurt and it wasn't as bad as it could have been. #DEVASTATED #SAVESPANKYS They don't know what happened but when I'm not working I go stir crazy, so luckily I have this distraction. I don't think they want me in there with a hammer, I mean some days I have trouble walking.

What can I say... we're a HOT bar ;)

It's really exciting too though, because they're expanding the bar, and maybe now the renos will get done way faster so I can get working and some epic partying can take place! The peeps there are like my family, and I miss them. I was talking to a guy one night and well out of nowhere my boss so eloquently interrupted with
"So, this is my best friends daughter, SO you better treat her right! No really bud, seriously, My best friend's daughter... think about it!"
Always having the big brothers I don't actually have and I wouldn't change it for the world! #Cockblock

SO today was productive because I also stopped in at my gym to see my trainer and all around favorite person A, and we have got our plan to get me training again. We're going to start when I get back from Jersey and my check ups and that I AM nervous about. I can barely make it up a flight of stairs with out huffing and puffing. Its really sexy actually. We did a weight, and I took off everything I could. Every bracelet, hair clip, sock, earring, top that was over my layering tee. I think I would have removed the make up if I could but I was meeting a friend for lunch. Every bit helps! I am officially down 9 lbs from when I left New Jersey. I've totally focused on my diet (minus the entire carrot cake I ate at Christmas, but it was carrots so it was ok. What can I say, my grandmother is a wizard in the kitchen.) Portions are down, alcohol is out (except for antioxidants in vino of course), sugar is gonezo, salt is a bare minimum and whenever I can- its all about the whole grains. I'm pretty lucky too because (cue unintended sex jokes) I don't like any white or creamy sauces. I despise mayo, ranch, blue cheese, alfredo, bearnaise... so it really helps. I wish I liked eggs, but you couldn't pay me to eat them, and milk is just not on the tastebuds list of acceptable things to ingest. Cheese however, cheese is the devil, and I will gladly walk through hell to engorge myself. I'm really dedicated to making this the beginning of the healthiest life conceivable. I want to give my body the best chance it has against cancer. The best defense is a strong offense... unless you're the Eagles who lost their wild card game and shattered my hopes and dreams. A FREAKING FIELD GOAL- UGH! ... No I don't want to talk about it, and yes I'm most likely rooting for Peyton now. Bruce Miller the fullback for San Fran is out, and he is my NFL crush so I'm saying the broncos. Not only because Peyton has been unstoppable but he seems like a nice dude, and I like Eric Decker... (I may have watched Eric and Jesse on E or whatever.)

SO my new year is shaping up really well so far. Working on my body, contributing to charity, next up is back to school!
OH and for those who have worried about my "filter" in my blog posts. Just wait to the next one, its completely R Rated, there is no filter so have no worries. ::devilish smile::

Stay tuned for info on the Pink in the Rink event as well, that and the commercial and all the fun stuff happening!

This Sassy Blonde is stoked her cancer is gone, and my life is finally about to begin. My arrows are getting ready to shoot!


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