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Monday, January 20, 2014

Pink in the Rink - Canadian Cancer Society and the Petes- Press Week!

There are those days where you wonder, what is the meaning of life? Does my life have meaning? Am I just exhausted and/or being philosophical. This week, I kind of feel awesome because I feel like my life has meaning. I'm exhausted and completely out of my element but having so much fun!
Ok but all jokes aside, when you can take your circumstances and turn them into something positive, thats what really living life is all about. For me, I've been given the honor of being an honorary co-chair of the Peterborough Petes and Canadian Cancer Society's 5th Annual Pink in the Rink event on February 6th. I'm being given the opportunity to help promote and support a cause that has not only affected me greatly, but to give back and potentially help people so they don't have to go through what I have been through. This is giving meaning to an experience that has quite frankly sucked. Even if I help one person, this will all have been worth it!

The theme is Daddy's Girls. So my other honorary co-chair is none other than my good old pops. It's awesome because he played for the Pete's and NHL so combining the two of us (because I'm a huge Daddy's Girl) and Hockey (because he's a hockey player) and Cancer (because well I kind of have experience in that field) is the perfect metaphorical fusion.

So we started out with a press tour of sorts to announce the theme "Daddy's Girls" and the honorary Co-Chairs.

While waiting to get started, I was pretty nervous. That morning, I had no idea what to wear, what to say, and my dad completely color coordinated with me... his idea!

Everything went really well, and I got to meet a bunch of really cool people. It was quite the experience. They unveiled the Peterborough Pete's (Which is Peterborough's OHL Hockey team) PitR T-shirts which are really nice! (See above)
I got to do some awesome interviews which turned out really great. Here are some of the articles...

Peterborough This Week

Sports Xpress

The Peterborough Examiner

Go Petes Go

We got a
Chex News Segment which can be seen here:

and a few radio interviews. The one with
Miles Gibney which one can be heard here.
I wish I could post all of the radio interviews because the one with Bill Porter and Mel Hannah on Energy 99.7 was so much fun. We were also on Country 105.1. Despite the 7:30 am wake up- it was really cool to get into the studio and see how its done.

Soooo there was lots going on.
Here are some pictures from the press conference:
(Pictures courtesy of Dale Clifford from the Peterborough Examiner)

So after all of this fun jazz I got to go to a Pete's Game to meet some people and do another radio interview on Extra 90.5 with David Foot and Colin Teskey for the Petes Tailgate show. That was a blast because I got to bring my friend Caprice with me, or as we joke- my mini me/psuedo sister. We got to actually watch the game which was kind of a nice break. Veggies, hockey, wine and boys- My kind of night!

Then... there was the commercial. BrandHealth was nice enough to shoot a commercial for us. They gave us a FABULOUS creative team and we got to work. I met with them the Monday before the press conference to go over the concepts and scripts. I can honestly say after this entire process, I have so much more respect for anything film, tv related, its not even funny!

I was so nervous on my way to the commercial... trying to memorize my lines... again.

I will update with a clip of the commercial when it becomes available.

UPDATED: Here is Commercial!!!!

So we got to film at my highschool Lakefield College School which was so much more reassuring because it felt like home. That place was where some of my most crucial developmental years were taken from me by disease and they still managed to make some of the best memories of my life happen, including my graduation. I honestly have a connection with that place that is beyond describable and of all the privileges in my life, being able to attend there is pretty high on that list.

I got to bring lots of clothing changes...

I got to visit a few teachers and staff, but wish I had more time to go and visit more. I'll be back soon.

The shoot was amazing. I got to work with Denise Oucharek (She was the lady in the Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercials!) I was so intimidated because she totally knew what she was doing and I could barely remember my 5 lines. #Starstruck. Everyone made it so much easier for me, which is great because it probably wasn't easy working with an amateur.

At the end of the day we got the shot...I hope. We had to improvise with a few things but I'm hoping it came out ok. I can't wait to see it.

Oh and because its me: My mic didn't even need a mic holder... lets just say I had a built in pair ;)

I still have another press conference and a voice over for another commercial to do but all in all, I'm so excited and can't wait for this event!

Here is the event page to donate to Daddy's Girls.

To buy tickets.... February 6th against the Oshawa Generals and make sure to use the Promo Code "PINK" so that 4$ from each ticket goes to the cause!!!

There will be silent auctions, chuck a puck, bucket passes, and tshirt sales, plus hockey- I mean hello thats a lot of fun!
Some of the Jerseys from the last four years.

I really wanted to be more detailed with this post but this is basically the end result of my week... NEED SLEEP.
and I am working on the updates from all of my doc appointments this week in philly! I'll be flying home tomorrow!

Cant wait and remember to follow @SassyBlondeCBG on Twitter for up to date posts on whats going on, pics and all around fun.

Thanks for all the support everyone! This event is going to be a HUGE success because of all your support and that means the world to me, and Daddy's and their girls every where dealing with Women's Health Issues.

I'll leave you with this, because it has been my philosophy through this journey....
I had to miss the second day of the commercial shoot because my body basically shut down for the week. I felt terrible, because my biggest fear is letting people down, but my best friend K, sent me this and reminded me, that I'm still in recovery. I can't do it all. I'm trying and I want too but I have to be careful. J, my guru love reminded me that
"Yes you want to do your best and be your best.. But.. Are you at your absolute best at this moment? No, you're healing. Being authentic is the best way to live your life. Live with truth and purpose. It's ok if you're not 100%."
So I'm going to continue to try and be the best, but be gentle with myself in the process.

Love and Light!

*All of the slightly darker texts are links. When you click it will take you to the site in which it is referring too, or personal twitter accounts for the media and their people mentioned.*


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