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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Matchbox 20 and Rob Thomas Honey

Today has been kind of an awesome day. I woke up, I got to talk to my bestie, while in the bath ::Helloo Multitasker:: and go to an awesome concert where I got to meet Rob Thomas backstage. I'll start from the beginning. (Note: This referring to Sunday, but it took me two days to write).

SO, I started getting ready for the concert. For being told I over packed, I clearly under packed because I was like "screw it!" I just wore the same thing I wore to Maroon 5, I did not have another cute tank nor a crossbody purse. Originally I was supposed to go to the concert with my mum, dad and sister but my dad went back to Canada, and my sister has and I quote
"Had enough of going to preppy concerts, I'm spoiled by my festivals and miss those."
My mum was going to still come, but because she's a rockstar let me go and have fun with the girls. She's so selfless like that because I know how in love with Rob Thomas she is.

So I met the girls and we were off. My sister drove us to the train station and on the way we passed a red suv. It was stopped in the middle of the rode and at first we were like WTF? Then I saw a HUGE turtle crossing the road and the man had stopped to make sure it didn't get hit. Believe it or not, this was the highlight of my day! Then we were at the train, HOLLA to trying new things. After about 15 minutes of deciding whether or not we should get on the train, (we weren't sure which direction we were supposed to take), we got on and luckily it was the right direction. We got worried because it was delayed a bit, but it was just because our conductor was a little behind schedule. We were off to my very first tailgate. It was SOOO exciting because it's always something I've wanted to do just haven't really ever done. J had to pee the WHOLE train ride. I told her to use a cup but I guess that isn't proper train etiquette.

We got to the tailgate and it was a blast. My first one mind you. Did I play flip cup- YEP! I even flipped the cup on the first try. Did I take shots of sailor Jerrys? Yup and ouch... all I can say is ouch. I ran into old friends and had a blast.

J and I went to pick up our tickets from will call. As we walked up, I said to her,
"Uh do we go to the VIP one or the regular one?"
The VIP one was closer so we figured we'd give it a try. The lady instantly recognized my name and pulled out an envelope. Here I was worried that I'd have to explain the Canadian license. As J and I were walking away I pulled out the 4 tickets and 4 passes. FOUR BACKSTAGE PASSES! I looked at the tickets and knew right away that section 102 was center having been in 102 for the Maroon 5 Concert. We had AWESOME seats, we had backstage passes, I was with awesome people. This was the night out I needed. I was a work a holic back home. I actually would go 16 days straight, or pull 17 hour shifts. 10am-10pm at bar number one and then 10pm-3am at bar number two. I wasn't used to just, having fun like this with no worries. It was amazing!

We went into the venue and I was absolutely tipsy. No doubt about it, the girls got a little nervous because my mum read them the riot act, but they were amazing. We grabbed some beers, took a pee break and I went shopping. I just couldn't leave with out a shirt or two! We then headed to our seats. My main objective of the night was crabfries so that was on our agenda for the break in between the Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox. We got to our seats and started rocking out and it was so fun. It turned out Dr. N who had gotten me the tickets was right next to us, and I had been texting her for quite some time so it was great to run into her. I got to meet her family and her son was SO adorable. He had on these red head phones and was loving his popcorn. Her Daughter was so beautiful and had a friend from Vancouver. It was instant BFF status. She had on a wicked leather jacket. (My hunt for the perfect leather jacket still continues so I get very jealous when I see amazing ones). It was really cool to meet her family, because she has made such an impact in my life, and I am just so grateful they share her.

After catching up for a little bit during the switch up of bands we went on our crab fries mission. It was GLORIOUS! I got the massive tub and it was like $46, I wasn't even mad. I also probably really needed the sustenance in my stomach.

We then headed to the lawn seats to visit our friends. It was an experience I apparently needed to experience. We watched the first half of matchbox from the lawn and this is where it got interesting. So I was slightly inebriated, as were the majority of the people at the show. I used to work at a bar where flirting was encouraged, so I figured HEY, why not, its been a while and I kind of missed it. There were two eligible candidates for the evening. The first, I started the prowl. He was tall, smart and really liked the band, which was a turn on because it meant he wasn't a poser who just came for the alcohol and party. We flirted but he was just too shy. I also may have been overthrowin my fishin line ... but thats not the point. In comes bachelor number two. He was tall, hot, and athletic. I had chirped him for shaving his legs even though I knew he was a swimmer. This story is only funny, because I know what I was thinking, but then I got the scoop from the girls and their perspective. We'll start with mine:

::Hmmm he's really cute, not my first choice but hey, he's really cute:: Then we like randomly danced, and he "accidentally" brushed my arm. ::OOH the accidental touch to see how I react, sweet I'm in like flynn.:: Get more touchy feely. Long gazes into each others eyes. ::Ummmm hello this dance has been going on for about 3 songs now and I have way better seats so now's your chance to kiss me bud, what is taking so long:: more touchyness, maybe even a hand hold, eye glances....::K yup you had your chance bud c'mon girls we've got a concert to enjoy::

To which I proceeded to grab the girls and we left to go to our seats.

Their version:

Ok, so guy number one. Seems interested but eh, she's not anymore. OOOKAY she's moving on to bachelor #2. Oooh he's definitely interested. ....okay heerreeeeee we gooooo.... OMG THEY"RE GUNNA KISS and Boom, he chickened out. Ok working up to it again...heeerrreee weeee goooo... OMG THEY"RE GUNNA KISS and nope he swings and misses again. Yea, lets go to our way awesome seats.

Whatever, flirting is just as fun, and it was SO fun.

We went back to our seats. The show was amazing. Then it was over and it was BACKSTAGE time!!!!

We went to the stage, headed around it to the back stage. We were greeted at the door where we showed our passes. We went in and it was everything you would expect a back stage to look like. There were rooms with people who looked really important, and the room we went too had a table with everything. Wine, and water and drinks and snacks and food. It was epic. As we walked to said room, we went single file. There was ROB! He gave us all hugs and signed stuff and took pics. When I got to him, you could clearly tell I wasn't one with celebs. Did NOT play it cool whatsoever.
"OMG HI, My mom is inlove with you and REALLY You drink white wine? That sooooo Rockstarish of you!"

We then went to the other end of the room to take pics and when I went up, I could no lie not stop my word vomit from telling him all about the time I went to his concert when I was little and wore a pink denim skirt which I was obsessed with and how my mom is in love with him and I really wish I still had that skirt. I know he talked to me but I was so excited his words escaped me. Something about how it was probably their first album for the concert I went too. Honestly, dude was so nice.

The girls took pics and I stood there. I wouldn't be surprised if my mouth was on the floor. I was trying to take it all in. He was shorter and skinnier than I anticipated. He had a tattoo on his right arm of a 20. (Hmmm big points to the first to guess what thats for.) He wore black leather rocker boots and black jeans. He had switched his shirt from when he was on stage because his stage shirt was red. He was sweaty from the show, but honestly, you couldn't stop staring at his smile. He radiated gratitude and appreciation and was so humble and nice. It was mind boggling. He joked that someone was getting yelled at in the other room, so he had no problem slipping out to come meet us.

It was amazing. We then said our good byes and left. J's boyfriend picked us up and the car ride was full of us laughing and chatting about our night. Thats also when they filled me in on their version of flirtgate:Matchbox style. We went to Wawa (For you Canadian's think Macs but way better because they have a deli of sorts.) I proceeded to get a meatball sub AND a chicken cheesteak. Both were only 6" on whole wheat and that is how I'm justifying them. I got home and RAN in the doors. Woke my mum and filled her in on every detail.

I crawled into bed, ate my subs (or hoagies as New Jersians call them) and passed out hard. It was amazing. It was a release. Its one thing to go out and have a great time. Its another thing to go out and just have no worries with reckless abandon. I needed the latter.

I start doctors appointments at 7am tomorrow. Radiation doctors, Oncology docs, a second opinion. It's going to be a long day, and we're going to start making the decisions to get this treatment train rolling. I'll be exhausted but I'm also ready to get my life going. So for now, when I'm stressed, I'll remember how much fun I had at my first tailgate and meeting the rockstar!

Thank you to everyone who made it possible. *(Especially a certain someone. You're in good hands! If you read this, and I hope you do, You really don't know how much I appreciated this. So thank you!)

Oh and just because it's fitting...

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell. I know, right now you can't tell... but stay a while and maybe then you'll see, a different side of me. I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired, I know right now you don't care. But soon enough you're gunna think of me, and how I used to be.... me.

**Updates forgot to add how meeting some people at the tailgate. One guy and his lady stated.
"There is no way you're from around here. You're just too nice and friendly."
To which I replied.
"Well done, I'm actually Canadian."